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Becky is an absolute gem. She helped my daughter enormously when school and friendships were overwhelming her. She really ‘got’ her, and spoke to her on a level that she could relate to. She was supportive to the whole family, and always available to give us wider counsel when required. Her advice was practical and continues to have an ongoing positive impact on my daughter even after finishing the counselling.

I would like to commend Becky on her professionalism and wonderful ability to transform the mind in such an amazing way. In such a short period of time she has made a huge difference in my daughters life. Thank you!


The work that Rebecca has done with my 13 year old son has been invaluable to him and our family. After coming out of a difficult lock down, we needed this support. He feels he has gained insight into some of his behavioural challenges and some strategies to deal with difficult emotions. We had only 6 sessions however it has been a very positive turnaround and I know he would be happy to revisit Rebecca again should the need arise. 



My son went through a tough year in year 8 with bullying and he hit a very low spot. He enjoyed his weekly sessions with Becky and we saw an improvement in his mental health with strategies to try out. Just having that weekly outlet for all his worries that he might not be able to express to us so easily was great. Thank you so much. We will be back if we need you again!

Becky is an empathic and insightful counsellor. She has a calming and grounded approach that works particularly well with young people. She has been a tremendous help nd support with my daughter and guided her through a difficult time. 


I wanted to thank you for all your help with our daughter. She really seems to have turned a corner with her anxiety and OCD and your help has been central to this. You provided a safe space for her to get things off of her chest and offered practical solutions for little things she can do to manage her worries and obsessive thoughts. She also said you were very easy to talk to and you have a great positive energy and never stopped smiling. 

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